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Service and Support 


A direct consultation can help to inspire you in your project.

If you are seriously interested in collaboration about Ecolurian Algea tiles for interior projects we prefer to get in touch about the content of your project. Part of a potential collaboration is providing a sample box with 4 of our Algea tiles to have a good impression of a composition. However, due to the large increase in worldwide sample requests, we have chosen to charge € 25,00 & sending costs for a sample box.

If there is a final order for your project, we will refund the costs for the sample box.


Ecolurian Design Support is created especially for architects, designers and clients. Ecolurian will be pleased to tell you about the countless applications for tiles, wall decorations and other products.   


Our highly skilled team of designers will help any brand, organisation, hospitality or retail client to customize a solution that fits perfectly to their needs. Ecolurian believes in brand-to-brand collaboration. We will make sure that your guests and visitors will stay elevated throughout their visit.  


We provide professional tile installation service across the Netherlands.

For customers in other countries, Ecolurian will gladly suggest adequate solutions for installation service. 

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