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Technology behind Ecolurian

Innovation starts with individuals who think differently. Individuals who are intuitive, passioned, professional and united. Ecolurian is a company that nourishes dreams and ideas. Products and concepts are created together by designers, architects, concept developers, biology enginers and many others. It results in a lively ambience where knowledge and creativity meet and work together in order to represent what mother nature and the world of design have to offer. 


We invite you behind the curtains where you can see the production process of AlgalTiles.


Our fully equipped laboratory facility is the starting point of our production process.

This is where the in-depth scientific understanding of materials and processes happens.

Here, we are dedicated to developing natural materials with high-level performances. 


The birth of any design at Ecolurian starts with analyzing timeless masterpieces.

They are made out of many different elements like wood, stone, marble, bronze, iron...

We aim to create something beautiful, seamless and timeless but natural, organic and sustainable.





Carefully selected Kelp Algae ( Laminaria Japonica ) from the Pacific Ocean is the choice for us because of their natural beauty and high-level performances.


Kelp is not considered a plant nor animal.

Kelp is a plant-like protist. it receives all the necessary nutrients directly from the water and harvests the sun's energy through photosynthesis.

Through analysis, it has been noticed that Kelp blades adapt according to weather conditions and seasons.

For example, during the winter time, the Kelp blade forms a thicker cortex and increases cell wall investment.

Kelp is naturally high resistant, without any smell, very difficult to scratch, damage or destroy.



We chose the Bamboo board as a base of our tiles because Bamboo is an endless resource. It grows faster than any other plant on the earth. 

Each year the 4-5 year stems are harvested, providing space for young Bamboo to grow maturity.

Giant Bamboo is formally not a wood but grass.

It has excellent hardwood like characteristics:

It is very hard, durable, water and moist resistant.



For our tiles, we only use high quality, non-toxic, ecological and environment-friendly glue.
When we were about to choose the right glue for our tiles the most important thing was that not only the product is ecological but that whole process of manufacture of the glue is environmentally sound.


Algal tiles are coated with an ecological high-performance solution which gives them higher resistance to water and dirt.

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