Collection Era

Long before the dinosaurs first appeared, Kelp Algae were growing on planet Earth...

In this clockwork collection, we framed four tiles from collection Life.
Our intention was to represent natural and adorable design as a kind of traditional masterpiece. This is a natural masterpiece with one additional purpose - showing time.


  • 32 x 32 cm


  • Kelp, Bamboo

Frame colours

  • Natural / Choco

Clock mechanism

  • Quartz

Hang a new, most innovative and one of a kind wall clock design that is a worthy decorative item.

For your living room, office or your hospitality space.

Collection Era/Micro 

Collection ERA / Micro is the latest clockwork from Ecolurian. This Clockwork is made of one tile from Collection Life.

The high-quality clock mechanism has been chosen to ensure lifetime durability of the product. This clockwork is not framed as it leaves a minimalistic impression, perfectly suiting small and modern spaces.