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Wall decoration

Extraordinary interiors where design and wall decoration come together in perfect synergy:
this is the essence of Ecolurian's AlgalTiles.
The lush, warm green and brownish colours that adorn the Collection Life bring a vibrant dimension to your home or working space. The tiles have been designed as a unique and complete solution for everyone to efficiently create, unparalleled environments and wall decoration compositions.
Ecolurian offers endless solutions for wall decoration compositions, inviting every client to create a pleasant and outstanding environment.



Feeling nice at home is all about spoiling yourself with good feelings.

Ecolurian's wall decorations bring a feeling of warmth and comfort to your home.  
The unique character of Ecolurian's tiles makes them extremely easy to combine. After all, your walls look their best when they are in harmony with complete interior.
Our designers would be happy to advise you on the most suitable combinations for your living space.




Running a good business or providing an excellent service is something that makes people satisfied.

Imagine the joy of your client sitting in

a comfortable chair enjoying the view of extraordinary, one of a kind wall decoration composition in your office or waiting room

just before a meeting or a session!

The different colours, tones and patterns make Ecolurian's tiles perfect for creating interesting wall decorations, whether your design is complex or simple, geometric and rhythmic, or demure or bold. The interplay of lines between tiles and joints creates interesting surfaces.

By decorating the ambience, Ecolurian's designers can bring life to any office or working space.



High-class hotels and restaurants have guests with high expectations when it comes to hospitality experience.

Fulfilling their expectations is a must if not going a step further giving the unexpected.

Ecolurian's wall decorations are playful, just as in a natural environment. The gradual build-up of colours, tones and patterns adds depth and life to any space.

It brings a completely new atmosphere of warmth and pleasure to your hospitality space.

For Ecolurian, it’s all about satisfying your guests and boosting the extraordinary image of your restaurant or hotel.


Do you want to go a step further, giving your clients and visitors unexpected visual experiences?

In that case, Ecolurian design support is at your service. No matter the scale, we can help you all the way,

from inspiration and planning to installation of fully customised solutions. 

Uniqueness in every tile gives you an amazing amount of creative room to design interiors like no one before.



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